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Re: [IP] Re: more endo horror stories

There IS a reason that it is called PRACTICING Medicine !

robert b
> How do the endos know how much to start you out with? The day/evening I 
> was dx I was just given the equipment and a chart showing how much Novolog 
> to take at each meal depending upon what my bs reading was at that time. 
> It was based upon 60 g of carbs for breakfast and lunch and 75 for dinner. 
> I was also told to take 10 units of lantus before bed. I did not get home 
> from the doctors until 8 pm. I had a late dinner with my estimated 75 g of 
> carbs. At that time, my bs was over 350 - they had not given me any 
> insulin at the doctors office. I took 9 units of novolog as indicated on 
> the chart. About 1/2 hour later I took the shot of 10 units of lantus and 
> went to bed. I woke up sometime later in a total sweat and just knowing if 
> I wanted to survive I had to eat. 2 pbj's and half hour later I checked my 
> bs and I was at 52. I called the next day and they just said to cut 
> everything in half. So was the original number just a shot in the dark. 
> They did not do any glucose tolerance testing or give me any insulin to 
> see what it would do.
> The next endo office I went to I never saw a full fledge doctor in my 3 or 
> 4 visits. I spent more time demonstrating  my pump and freestyle tracker 
> than discussing my treatment. And that has been pretty much the case with 
> my current endo. My original pump settings I figured out after reading and 
> following the instructions in Pumping Insulin. That book and this group 
> have been my medical support and fortunately that has been all I have 
> needed. I really doubt than any of the doctors or nurses or CDEs can be as 
> intuned with the way this disease effects us as we are. We are the ones 
> that live it each day.
> email @ redacted
> dx Type 1 1/2002
> Cozmo pumping since 1/2003
> CoZmore pumping & testing since 09/02/04
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