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Re: [IP] needing an endo's permission, was horror stories

I have a great idea - When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should get 
all sorts of education and then they should certify you as a Certified 
Diabetes Person - CDP - and then LET YOU manage your diabetes, write your 
own scripts, order your own labs and CHANGE your OWN basal rates. After all 
who knows more about diabetes then US !

Robert B
dx1980, pumping since 1996
now with his purple pump PO |-)

I am not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!.

 Many are learning the ins & outs.
> I think DM is a disease of self management, with the help of your health 
> team.
> None of us know everything and with DM, there are surprises!  (As a Type 
> 2, I seem to get my share of surprises in Bg readings! You do the best you 
> can...   Linda K
> .
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