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Re: [IP] Being fired by a doctor

 That is ridiculous, why doesnt the physians at lifesigns just transfer your
test results over to you internists? THis way no duplicate testing is required.
And how can he just refuse you like that after teling him that you do not wish
to pay a double fee for them? With my PCP, he gets all the tests done to me if
he requests them from me. I just then have my endo or whoever fax my PCP a copy
of my test results and thats it.

chattanoogasue <email @ redacted> wrote:

Has anyone else been fired by a doctor?

As a result of my blood sugar testing in a routine physical exam done at 
LifeSigns - a Physical Examination Center, I called an internist that had 
done my physical 2 years prior. He said he could see my that afternoon but 
would have to repeat the test done by LifeSigns. Upon arrival at his office, 
the nurse took me back for a bonescan. I had evidently misunderstood the 
doctor when he said he would have to repeat the tests - he meant all of the 
tests - bone density, pap, stress, sigmoidoscope, ect. I thought he just 
meant the blood work. When I told him that neither my insurance company nor 
I would pay for the duplicate tests he told me that he "could not see a 
place for himself in my healthcare." Two days later, I received a registered 
letter from him restating that he would no longer see me as a patient.

email @ redacted
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