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RE: [IP] Well, who knows if I'll get a pump....

As a dietitian, I hate to hear the horror stories.... I hope my patients
don't think that.... I will help as I can... don't hesitate to call me or
email me directly.

Thank You,

Keirsten Welch RD, LD, CPT
MP TotalCare, 
Insulin Pump Specialist
Certified Pump Trainer
Phone: 1-800-631-3766
Fax:     1-888-397-7633

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Maybe what you should do is just wait until you have no feeling in your
feet, and then go to your doctor's office and stamp them as hard as you can
until you get attention. You'll certainly get noticed, and you'll be in no
danger of hurting your feet.


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Went to my endo appointment yesterday, and ended up just seeing the NP/CDE
the endo had an emergency or something.  The NP took a very thorough
but isn't sure I have a strong case for a pump (what, that 292 fasting BG is

I'm very disappointed about all this right now.  She upped my metformin,
 allowed as how the swelling I experience in my ankles means that avandia
had been taking until a few weeks ago) and actos aren't for me, and then put
 me on a sliding scale, told me to see a dietician, and set an appointment
for 2

I feel like a sliding scale is like going backwards in my diabetes care -
idea that I should just use x amount of insuiln rather than match it to
just doesn't make sense.  Plus, having heard the horror stories of others'
visits to dieticians, I'm not looking forward to that... "And this is a food
label.  It lists fat and carbohydrates per portion.... "

She said that maybe I should be using lantus twice a day, but I told her I
had tried that and nothing changed.

I tried to have a discussion about the fact that I'm using more than twice
much insulin as I was using in August with no change in BG, but she wasn't
interested in anything that happened more than 2 weeks ago.

I thought that a large dawn phenomenom, some nighttime hypos and exercise
 hypos, and such would be good arguments for a pump, but she doesn't seem to
so.  Also, since I have pain and burning in my feet, but can still feel with
them, I'm not considered to be at risk that way either.

Very depressing.  The doctor is supposed to be the pump guy, and this NP the
pump CDE but I dunno.

For the moment, I'm trying to think positively about it  - hoping that she
has me doing this stuff to make a case for the pump.  I don't really have
hopes though.

I'm supposed to have a c-peptide done too - never had one of those.

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