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Re: [IP] Being fired by a doctor

 Well, the nerve of some people, how dare we stand up for ourselves and refuse
to be pushed around! :o)
 Yeah, I too got "fired" by my Endo after 7 + years. All because of a lazy ass,
idiot nurse that thinks she is "God" and my nasty ass temper right back at her!
Oh well, even though he is still the best Endo in these parts and a pumper to
boot, Screw Him! He never once contacted me to find out what happened and
discuss things with me, I just got that same certified love letter. So, I guess
after 7 + years of being totally anamoured with this Endo, his true colors are
finally showing.
 As long as I get my scripts, lab tests and paperwork signed for my new pump, I
can go the rest alone, if I have to! So, if this new Endo gives me any grief,
that's exactly what I will do.
Ahhh, the B**ch is back, ready to take on the world ...yet again!!!!  

chattanoogasue <email @ redacted> wrote:
Responding to: The worst that can happen is that they'll fire you as a 

Has anyone else been fired by a doctor?

 When I told him that neither my insurance company nor I would pay for the
duplicate tests he told me that he "could not see a place for himself in my
healthcare." Two days later, I received a registered letter from him restating
that he would no longer see me as a patient.

email @ redacted
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