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Re: [IP] Re: more endo horror stories

I have had 3 endos in the less than 3 years that I have been diabetic. Not 
one has ever told me not to make changes on my own.

How do the endos know how much to start you out with? The day/evening I was 
dx I was just given the equipment and a chart showing how much Novolog to 
take at each meal depending upon what my bs reading was at that time. It was 
based upon 60 g of carbs for breakfast and lunch and 75 for dinner. I was 
also told to take 10 units of lantus before bed. I did not get home from the 
doctors until 8 pm. I had a late dinner with my estimated 75 g of carbs. At 
that time, my bs was over 350 - they had not given me any insulin at the 
doctors office. I took 9 units of novolog as indicated on the chart. About 
1/2 hour later I took the shot of 10 units of lantus and went to bed. I woke 
up sometime later in a total sweat and just knowing if I wanted to survive I 
had to eat. 2 pbj's and half hour later I checked my bs and I was at 52. I 
called the next day and they just said to cut everything in half. So was the 
original number just a shot in the dark. They did not do any glucose 
tolerance testing or give me any insulin to see what it would do.

The next endo office I went to I never saw a full fledge doctor in my 3 or 4 
visits. I spent more time demonstrating  my pump and freestyle tracker than 
discussing my treatment. And that has been pretty much the case with my 
current endo. My original pump settings I figured out after reading and 
following the instructions in Pumping Insulin. That book and this group have 
been my medical support and fortunately that has been all I have needed. I 
really doubt than any of the doctors or nurses or CDEs can be as intuned 
with the way this disease effects us as we are. We are the ones that live it 
each day.

email @ redacted
dx Type 1 1/2002
Cozmo pumping since 1/2003
CoZmore pumping & testing since 09/02/04

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Subject: Re: [IP] Re: more endo horror stories

>I had promised him on the prior visit that I would not make any 
>adjusstments until after the CGMS testing. I did not want to fight him that 
>is the easiest answer.  I would rather manipulate him then fight him. For 
>now, I may abandom him..... ie - go to another dr without telling him.
> robert b
>> I'm just curious about something - why do so many people only make 
>> changes to
>> basals, etc. with their endo's permission? I know that lots of doctors 
>> insist
>> that you do so, but they don't live with you every day. What's to stop 
>> you from
>> saying "yeah, sure" to whatever they say, then going home and doing your 
>> own
>> thing based on your own superior knowledge of your body and pumping? 
>> What's the
>> endo going to do about it - call the police and arrest you? I know that 
>> we all
>> want to please our doctors and comply with their wishes and not put up 
>> with flak
>> next time we see them/fax them/speak to them, but we have to do what 
>> works for
>> us. The worst that can happen is that they'll fire you as a patient or 
>> you'll
>> fire them, but in a lot of these cases, that would be an improvement it 
>> seems.
>> I'd just really like to hear why people think they need this permission. 
>> Pam
>> He never understood the data he was looking at - or that I need to
>> raise my
>> basal rates - I was however able to talk him into doing that :-)
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