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Joslin (was Re: [IP] More Endo horror stories)

> Does Baltimore have a Joslin Clinic ? Anyone know?
I've been meaning to ask this, and this question reminded me.  Can 
anyone out there who has worked with one of the several Joslin clinics 
tell me if there's a good reason why I should start going to one?  I 
have a great PCP who's also a board certified endo (yes, I put him on 
the referral list), and my control is fine thanks to the Pumping Insulin 
book and all the great info here on IP; last a1c was 5.8.  No 
complications, no problems with lows.  But...  U.C. Irvine just opened a 
new Joslin diabetes center literally in the same building where I go to 
see my current endo.  He's also with UCI, but not with the Joslin 
center.  Any extra benefits Joslin could give to someone who likes his 
doc and has a non-diabetic a1c?


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