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[IP] Re: set change problem - delay

>You probably are already doing this, but when I had been pumping 15 years,
>but changed to SofSets with an introducer needle, after 9 years of using
>straight metal needles which I bent myself, and got on the 'net, I learned
>something I had not been taught. I figured *priming* was always done outside
>the body, therefore I was not priming the 0.5u to fill the canula after
>removing that introducer needle. This made a huge diff. in my BGs after
>learning that. In case you don't, that will make the diff. It also makes a
>diff if you have a longer introducer needle that you remove as it takes a
>little more insulin to fill the empty canula after removal of that needle.

These are Quiksets and I am priming after insertion per package 
directions--0.5 units for a 9 mm canula.  Also using a prime to 
replace any basal missed while disconnected (I often shower when I 
change sets.)  Not likely air bubbles as I changed the set 
only--tubing and reservoir not changed.  I am assuming that a depot 
of insulin has to build at the tip of the canula before it actually 
gets into the blood, and that exactly where the set is inserted makes 
a difference in how long that depot takes to build.  If the new site 
depot builds at the same rate the depot at the old site is absorbed, 
no problem.  If they differ markedly there is a possibility of high 
or low blood glucose after a set change.  (I've had both.)  Used to 
have the same problem with shots, but at least with the pump it's 
only a tenth as often.
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