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[IP] Doctor Death and Nurse Ratchet LIVE!

email @ redacted wrote:

a LONG rant about Health Care (an oxymoron if ever there was one). 

Needless to say, I realized I had to break down and audition a new doctor. I 
hate auditioning doctors worse than I hate sitting in traffic, worse than I 
hate reality TV...is it CLEAR that I hate seeing new doctors??? 

 /From/: Tina Robertson <email @ redacted
<mailto:email @ redacted>>
 Whew, I can certainly see why you are pissed, I would be too! I'll tell you
what, I'll hold her and you can hit her :< ), that ought to help get your
frustrations out and maybe you can knock some sense into her at the same time!
  On a more serious note, after 7 years with the best Endo ever, I got tangled
with the nurse from hell! So needless to say, with my nasty ass temper I can no
longer see him. I finally got an appointment with the only other Dr in the area


 We lost our excellent endo here a couple years ago when he relocated to NJ.
Since then

we have had rent a endo docs .  I found about a third of them were 
unpleasant experiences.  Another third seemed OK
and another third were outstanding and I wished one of them would stay 
in our area and become our new endo.
Now they stopped the endo rent a docs and said we just need to wait nine 
months till they get the one that agreed
to come to our area..  I don't think any of the not so good ones were as 
bad as what you described.  I had one chew me
out a little or give me a lecture after I told me I felt too low so they 
tested me and I was so she gave me two cans of OJ
and lecture on why it was dangerous to get so low, especially when 
driving.  Silly me, I thought I was being responsible by asking for a 
BG  check so I wouldn't get any lower and could treat it by eating or 
drinking something before going to my car and then doing it.  Her 
reaction made me wish I had concealed it and dealt with it on my own 
later.  On  the other end
of the spectrum one was so great he spent over an hour with me treating 
my pneumonia and checking other conditions
that weren't addressed by the urgent care clinic.  When he settles into 
a practice some lucky people are going to get some great care.  I guess 
the ratio of great, OK and not so great is like any other field.  I am 
just hoping that our next one who is supposed to be permanent is in the 
top third or at least the top half of endos I have seen. drz
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