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RE: [IP] Giving unneeded bolus when low!

At 9:46 PM -0500 12/1/04, Judith wrote:

>However, the reality is
>that anyone wearing a pump is just a few button pushes away from  a lethal
>amount of insulin.  Very sobering thought.

At 10:31 PM -0600 12/1/04, Doug Boss wrote:

>Judith after you give yourself 25,000 shots or so drawing up and giving
>yourself in inappropriate bolus by syringe is just as easy ....
>I have given myself so many shots that when I am feeling fine I often don't
>remember if I gave myself the shot yet or not....  That will be one of the
>advantages of the pump for me - No more self doubt

Mostly I had the problem "did I actually put insulin into that 
syringe or did I just bolus with air?"   :>p

One of the reasons I chose Animas is because of the confirming button 
push requirement.  I know that others with "Carpal Thumb" syndrome 
preferred the "takes less button pushes to bolus", but I liked the 
safety of an extra push or two.     :>)       YBPMV

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