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[IP] Re: set change problem - delay

> "Does anyone else have a problem with new sites apparently taking some
> time to kick in and start actually delivering insulin to the blood
> stream?"

You probably are already doing this, but when I had been pumping 15 years,
but changed to SofSets with an introducer needle, after 9 years of using
straight metal needles which I bent myself, and got on the 'net, I learned
something I had not been taught. I figured *priming* was always done outside
the body, therefore I was not priming the 0.5u to fill the canula after
removing that introducer needle. This made a huge diff. in my BGs after
learning that. In case you don't, that will make the diff. It also makes a
diff if you have a longer introducer needle that you remove as it takes a
little more insulin to fill the empty canula after removal of that needle.

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