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Re: [IP] Giving unneeded bolus when low!

At 09:46 PM 12/1/04 -0500, you wrote:
 >A little over a year ago, my son (17 at the time; dx'd at age 8 weeks) had an
 >unconscious low when he gave himself a 14u bolus of NovoLog, immediately 
 >drinking a can of Coke to treat a low. <snip> However, the reality is
 >that anyone wearing a pump is just a few button pushes away from  a lethal
 >amount of insulin.  Very sobering thought.

My pump (an MM 511) has a maximum bolus setting to prevent this type of 
accident.  I believe most, if not all, pumps also have this feature.  I 
have mine set to not allow a bolus of more than 6 units without re-setting 
that limit, which would be extremely hard to do when low.

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