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[IP] Re: more endo horror stories

 I'm just curious about something - why do so many people only make changes to
basals, etc. with their endo's permission? I know that lots of doctors insist
that you do so, but they don't live with you every day. What's to stop you from
saying "yeah, sure" to whatever they say, then going home and doing your own
thing based on your own superior knowledge of your body and pumping? What's the
endo going to do about it - call the police and arrest you? I know that we all
want to please our doctors and comply with their wishes and not put up with flak
next time we see them/fax them/speak to them, but we have to do what works for
us. The worst that can happen is that they'll fire you as a patient or you'll
fire them, but in a lot of these cases, that would be an improvement it seems.
I'd just really like to hear why people think they need this permission. Pam

He never understood the data he was looking at - or that I need to 
raise my
basal rates - I was however able to talk him into doing that :-)
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