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[IP] Speedy reference to T1 diabetes & pump therapy!

I don't even think medical workers get it so how can you expect the casual 
observer to get it?

My husband's GP:  But the literature says you test 4 times a day! <very 
plaintive tone>  (The new literature says 4 to 6, I believe and the GP 
forgot the magic words "a minimum of . . . ")

My GP who is actually on a pump, but a more recently diagnosed diabetic than 
my husband:  Are you still doing all that testing?

My druggist:  Do you really test this often?  (I think he thought I might be 
bootlegging the strips. <chuckle>Everyone here knows I've never offered to 
sell anything but used strips, right?)

I was standing up very close and personal to my husband of 24 years today 
when my husband's colleague in ENT walked in and looked a bit embarassed. 

I explained as the poor man was leaving with his swabs and a weird look that 
I was just checking something on my husband's insulin pump.  I had been 
rebuttoning my husband's shirt when the specialist came in unexpectedly.

If my husband has to go back into hospital, I don't know what I'm going to 
tell the nurses about our sof-tact glucose meter or our pump.

Maybe, you can send your friends copies of 'Countdown' or something.

My sister-in-law seems to think an insulin pump for a university student is 
so sort of fancy yuppie gizmo like designer jeans  or a convertibler!

I think of it as being like a pacemaker-- a really necessary device for some 
unfortunate people.

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