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RE: [IP] More Endo horror stories

Ha, Robert, after I read your entire message, it was just as I thought...he
was figuring on how it would be to treat your blood sugars if you were on

Did not the salespeople for the pumps teach him anything about how they work
and what they are supposed to do?

Does he not have a CDE who is trained in these things?

I say dump him because he doesn't know what the heck he is talking about.

My endo wasn't that well versed in the pump either but the CDE had SOME idea
and got me started and I floundered until I got in here and also read the
Pumping Insulin book.

My CDE had scoffed at the Pumping Insulin book and I just brushed her off.

I am doing just fine now and the endo is happy with my a1c's although I do
go low but that's my hormones playing tricks with my body.

At least being male, you don't have to deal with that!  :) :)

You know, at one point, I got so disgusted that I called Joslin and asked
how many endo's they had there that were diabetic and were on insulin pump
and there were two.

Not that I wanted to make a trip to Clearwater, an hour away, but if push
came to shove and I couldn't get better control on my own, I was going to do
just that!

Do you have a Joslin near you?  Just a thought.

Good luck!

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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