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[IP] More Endo horror stories

I have only ever met one good - and he was great - endo, all the rest are
idiots !  And my new one is no exception.  I went in today for my second
visit, we were going to review the results of my CGMS testing.  Well to make a
long painful visit short he ended up getting his calculator out and determined
that I SHOULD be taking 70u of insulin per day - I am taking 58 on AVG now -
and he wanted my to take 40u by basal and then 10u for each meal - regardless
of what I ate.  He said no more correction bolus' between meals, if my BG was
high before a meal then I could add to the 10u.  I asked if my BG was lower -
like an 80 could I subtract but that question threw him into confusion and he
never answered.  He is the funny part - when he finished explaining all of
this to me he said "this therapy is called MDI"  he said this is how I would
do it with out a pump !
He said it was apparent to him that it was too hard for me to count cards so
this approach was easier !

He never understood the data he was looking at - or that I need to raise my
basal rates - I was however able to talk him into doing that :-)

Oh well - maybe next year I will try a new one - or maybe I will break this on
in - endo's are like a marriage, you have to "train" you partner.  That is
what my wife tells me anyway - that she finally has me trained :-)

Thanks for listening.

PS - on another note MM has come through and is sending my the MM715 FREE
because I bought it SO close to the release date !

Robert B
dx1980, pumping since 1996
now with his purple pump PO |-)

I am not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!
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