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Re: [IP] Coverage

> It depends on what type of plan you have with BC/BS, but overall BC/BS pays 
 > for all brands of pump and does not require jumping through numerous hurdles.

let's add and "anymore" to the above comments. They are much better than 
they were 10 years ago when it took 18 months to get them to pay for 
Lily's pump. I had to escalate it all the way to the president's office 
and then threaten a lawsuit for breach of contract. Pump number two took 
a couple of weeks for the paperwork, etc.... MUCH BETTER ;-) All in all a 
great improvement. The thing you must remember about BC/BS is that each 
state has a different entitiy. They are associated with one another but 
completely independent in terms of what goes on in the back office. What 
may be fine for me (California) or George (Texas) might not be as 
smoothly in your state. Just remember that no matter what they say, they 
will eventually pay since they are contractually obligated to do so in 
spite of any b.s. they may give you to the contrary.

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