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[IP] Re: Endos who are also major fools

  This really makes no sense and is absolutely not tyrue. For the last 11 years
that I've been pumping, I've had a variety of different doctors, endos and PCPs
write my prescriptions. I've changed endos 3 times since the original one who
prescribed my first pump, and have also had 3 different PCPs in that time. I've
had all six of those doctors write prescriptions for my pump supplies. All three
of the PCPs had no problem doing it even though I never had them treat my
diabetes. None of the pharmacies nor my insurance (3 different insurance
companies during that time ever cared). Try getting your pharmacy or insurer to
call the PCP and tell them that they'll accept the prescription from him. Good
luck. Pam

After three tries 
ordering the MiniMed supplies through our HMO group I was advised that 
PCP now refuses to write the script based upon the statement from the 
that HE WROTE the original script for the PUMP and only HE can write 
script for the supplies.  
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