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[IP] Re: Doctor Death and Nurse Ratchet LIVE!

Ugh those billboards....I think they make a point but if I have one more 
person (relatives included!) ask me why I hadn't outgrown it because I'm a 
kid anymore (physically....) a couple of them expressed sympathy for my son 
(who is 15 months and non-D) as apparently they read them as MY 'BETES is 
HURTING MY KID....And all of them were recalling the many billboards along 
1A and Rt  1 here near Boston...
I'm not even going to get into the mountainous poo of the health care 
good point SSP!

Subject: [IP] Doctor Death and Nurse Ratchet LIVE!

> Diabetes SUCKS....they don't tell you about all THIS crap in those cute
> ads
> for JDRF,  and helping the poor kids, do they? Perhaps they ought to
> include
> sessions on dealing with the morons in the health care industry (present
> company, you know who you are, excluded of course) - dealing with
> tunnel-visioned
> nurses, static, inflexible doctors, confusing and misleading insurance
> rigamaroles, etc.
> Sara Smarty Pants in Arizona
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