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[IP] Re: Doctor Death and Nurse Ratchet LIVE! and Diabetes and NON reproduction

 Oh that's so awful SSP. I had to share a similiar experience. I just moved to a
new area, and went to one of the endos listed on my insurance company plan. I
won't get into all the annoying aspects of this- too many to list. I'll just
throw out some of the most offensive moments. 1. When I told the endo, I eat
pretty low carb, but am not afraid to treat myself with a sugary/ carby delicacy
if I'm so inclined, she accuses me of trying to lose weight and asks me about a
million times if I have a weight obsession. I answer a million times: no. Then,
when I said I'm a grazer- I like to snack all day rather than eat 3 big meals,
she says snacking isn't good for me. I just about blow up, reminding her she
just accused me of not eating enough, and now I'm eating too much! She looks
condescendingly concerned and asks me to test my bg, since because I'm
disagreeing with her it must be low. I do: it is 114


Unprompted, she asks if I am planning a child. 
 Ruth: No. (Assuming we will get back to my own health in the discussion now,
rather than focussing on an imaginary child I say I don't want anyway)
Dr. Are you sure?
Ruth: (Am I the child?) Yes. I do not plan to ever have children.
Dr. (looking incredulous) Why not?
 Ruth: (who is ASTONISHED this conversation is going so far) Because I love my
career and I love my partner and I love to work for social justice in my free
time. And I want to spend my time focussing on those things.
Dr. Well, you know you can.
Ruth: Diabetes has nothing to do with my decision.
 Dr. (turns to my partner in what has now apparently become couple's therapy)
How do you feel about this?
 Partner: Well, first of all, this is Ruth's decision, but happily, I share her
opinions on the subject
 Ruth: (who need scripts and is trying to behave) Can we please return to
discussing my condition?

 Rant almost over- feels good to type it out though. Apart from the fact that it
is difficult for many people to think a woman can be happy without reproducing,
I was livid that this Doctor spent time focussing on this subject instead of
talking about my diabetes related issues.

 Has anyone else who has decided that they do not wish to reproduce had a hard
time convincing others that it is not some tragic result of having diabetes?

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