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RE: [IP] Handheld device - xmas gift help please!

Which Palm you get depends on how fast you want your data (I want mine 
yesterday) and what else you want to do with your Palm.

I don't recommend anything less than the Palm 21 (It's $99).  I don't 
like the M150 much, it's bigger and somewhat slow.  The next choices 
are the Tungsten E -- very fast, very small, and the Zire 71 -- has a 

The cheapest Zire is just too slow and small in memory to use as a log 
book.  I personally like something that has a SD card so I can back up 
data on the fly.

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I went to the Diabetes Pilot site, the software seems reasonable, around
$30.00, what Handheld device do I need to replace my logbook. I went to 
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