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[IP] Re: Chicken-pox

    Since I've just had the adult version of Chicken pox I can tell you what
my doctor told me. Since I had the Chicken-pox when I was a little girl, I
thought I couldn't get it again. Wrong!

    The adult version is called Shingles. You get sores on one side of your
midriff. The doctor said that the virus settles into your spine (on one side)
and just stays dormant there. When you are exposed again, it rears it's ugly
head on just that side of your body.

    It hurts around your middle, it seems to make your entire body ache and
you feel like death for awhile and then you start getting better. Although
since I've had it, I've been on antibiotics several times and can't seem to
get better! Just last week, I was out in the cold to put Christmas lights up
and now I'm sick again, sore throat, I lost my voice and am coughing my head
off and feel like I just need to go to bed! Yuck!

    Ahhhhh for sunshine again!!!

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