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Re: [IP] Handheld device - xmas gift help please!

Currently we have a Palm m130 (which is color) and I use the Calorie King
Palm program for carbs.  I love it!  It even has fast food restaurants
listed, which is so helpful to us, especially during my sons' sports seasons
when we tend to eat on the go a whole lot more.  I definitely recommend
their food program.  I would splurge for the little extra for the color
version of the palm pilot.  I didn't really care if I had the color or not,
I was more looking to have a memory card slot in my palm so I could expand
the memory capability.  The first palm I started with had a small memory in
it and it couldn't be upgraded at all.  So when I looked, that was one of my
requirements.  I found my m130 at a great closeout price so I jumped at it. 
I LOVE the color.  It is so much easier for me to read, especially in bright
sunlight or in the evening dusk time.  I was really surprised that I liked
it so much better.  When I use the old palm now (it's the one we carry in
the medical bag) I have a hard time seeing it.  It just emphasized at how
much I like the color.  As far as blood sugar records, we use the program
from accucheck that goes with our meter.  Although I have downloaded a diet
diary from Calorie King and it has spaces to enter this info, but I haven't
had much time to play with it yet to give you a good description of it.  I
like our meters program as it downloads automatically so I don't have to
enter in any numbers, but at times I get frustrated as it won't let me enter
in any additional info which is why I downloaded the diary from cal king.  
Hope all that helps.  I haven't found a food database, even the one from
Animas, that has as many foods as the one from Calorie King.  I believe that
it now has over 10,000 food items in it and it has a search capability which
we use occasionally.  

Melissa in MT

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From: email @ redacted
Date: Monday, December 08, 2003 3:55:05 PM
To: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Handheld device - xmas gift help please!
My son wants to get me a hand held device for xmas which will easily tell me
the carbs in any food. He also want to put the software in it before he
it to me. What device and program do most people use. I now go on the
computer to calorie king, find the food put in the weight. What program
this for me. I am new to this handheld stuff so my wording may not be
Any help would be appreciated.
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