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[IP] RE: Graditude/Insulin @ 69.00?

Dear Tina,
    $79.95! That's a lot! I would be checking other pharmacies if I were you.
Costco is generally cheaper everywhere. Also, ask what their price is without
insurance. You may save quite a bit processing the claim yourself.
    No matter what, be grateful for your insurance! I have no medical
insurance and a very limited income. It's a frightening way to live especially
being on an insulin pump and having specific health needs. I'm very thankful
for my own personal SAINT on this list who sent me some insulin and special
folks who sent me some Silhouettes. This support group is the best!

With Care, Kathleen

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  Wow someone at Walmart in Reno sure missed the boat on the 69.95 price,
  they charge me 78.95 for each bottle, so my insurance will only allow 3
  bottles per month instead of the 4 I actually need.

  As far as buying from Canada, that would be great if 2 things were
  possible, (1) the Canadian pharmacy would honor my insurance and the
  insurance would deal with Canadian pharmacies (2) the Canadian pharmacies
  would carry & ship my insulin (which they claim they don't/won't) as well
  as the rest of my monthly perscriptions (of the 7 things I get each month
  they only carry 1)

  >I actually have Wal-Mart insurance and you have to use a Wal-Mart/Sam's
  >pharmacy.  Sam's sells their insulin right at cost. I have seen the
  sheet on >it.  They used to sell their test strips just below their cost
  to get folks >to come in.  Interesting marketing idea. Like their milk
  they have no markup >on it at all, and most often it's sold at a loss. >
  >Anyhow, if I was paying out right for my insulin I would buy it from
  that >location.  But as it stands I pay 20% for my 4 bottles a month,
  pricey. > >Thanks anyhow, some one else here might need to know that. >
  >Christene > > >Buy your insulin in Canada.  I just bought 6 vials at
  humolog for $149 >Canadian at my local Costco pharmacy.  Then, you can
  afford to ditch the odd >bottle.

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