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RE: [IP] What type of pump to get

In the interest of trying to help new people like these out, I have
distilled the comments from the recent "Top 5" thread down to a
comparison between the various likes and dislikes of different pumps.  I
am trying to keep this limited to issues which are particular to each
model of pump, not pump therapy in general.  Following is the
information I was able to obtain from the Mail archive.  If anyone would
like to add more, I would appreciate hearing your comments.  Also, I
remember only one person posting their likes and dislikes about the
Cozmo, but I couldn't find anything else.  So, for those on the Cozmo,
please tell us what you like and dislike about the pump!

Antonio in Los Angeles
Dx Type 1 1993 @ Age 27
Paradigm 512

1.	Waterproof

1.	Does not have vibrate
2.	Backlight not very bright
3.	Very loud alarms

1.	Battery easy to change
2.	Looks like a pager, can be worn like a pager - has a belt clip
3.	Proprietary Reservoir filling mechanism is easy to use and gets
4.	few bubbles inside
5.	One of the smaller pumps on the market
1.	BD meter supplied with the pump has E-3 issues (bad readings)
2.	Not waterproof
3.	No time display on main screen
4.	Bolus calculator for active insulin uses an 8 hour duration for
fast acting insulin, other pumps let you set your own time
5.	Back light is not constant during use, it goes off every time
the pump screen changes
6.	When the pump is in "Alert Mode" - for low battery, low
reservoir, patterns and temporary basal, instead of displaying icons on
the main screen indicating which mode it is in, it displays 6 open
circles and you must press the ESC button to find out what the alert is.

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Hi, David.  I am in the same boat as you.  I hope we get some
information on
what pump to buy.  I've contacted 2 companies to send me information and
will talk to my doctor in the new year about getting a pump.  Did you
to go to a diabetic specialist to get your pump?  This is what they are
telling me I have to do, but seeing that the closest one is 300 miles
and I live in snow country and can't depend on the roads, I have decided
put it off till spring.  I would truly like to buy a pump "now" and
would if
humanly possible.  That's why I want to know if your family doctor
prescribed the pump or what you had to do to get it.
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Subject: [IP] What type of pump to get

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> Hello everyone:  I am new to the IP site and "very new" to pump
> life..meaning I just made my decision last week to go on the pump and
> actually won't start until next month (Jan '04) Anyhow, I'm now
> struggling with the decision of what pump I should purchase.  I've
> "researching" the various vendors (visiting web sites) but I'm curious
> to hear comments (favorable or unfavorable) from other members.  Or is
> there an area on the IP site which reveals the good, bad and ugly?
> Dave Frey
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