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[IP] Rosewin, pump and Doctors

In a message dated 12/8/2003 11:00:40 AM Alaskan Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> That's why I want to know if your family doctor
> prescribed the pump or what you had to do to get it.
> Rosanne
Roseanne, your general doctor can prescribe the pump. You do not necessarily 
have to go to an endo, or internist. It just depends on how much the doctor 
you normally see will work with you. Actually, most of the time it is a CDE 
 (Certified Diabetes Educator), Diabetes nurse or Pump representative who
teaches you to use the pump. The doc. usually prescribes the pump and 
 supplies, orders the tests and so forth. Good luck, and know that you really
have to wait for better health. 
My best advice, truely, is to be proactive. Read, research, share the info 
with your physician, ask questions and insist on good care. Pumps are not 
 magical, but just a tool. It's success will, for the most part, depend on how
you are willing to put into the effort. Granted, diabetes is changeable and 
 throws many curves, a lot of the unpredictable, but being knowledgeable and
to take action helps. 
Take care, drive safely on those snowy roads. 
Tina H. 
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