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Re: [IP] Janklow defense, Driving and Responsiblity

In a message dated 12/8/2003 3:28:00 AM Alaskan Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> there are some, and they are Not Uneducated, that are just not aware of 
> these things.... 
So true, so true, Len. 
Even I was until this past year (actually, until a few years ago). Why? I did 
as doctors told me. Then, I just happened to find out about Lantus and *I* 
 had to request being put on it. The doctor said she would research the info,
did so, calling me at home to say that it would be appropriate and the dosage 
to start with, along with Humalog. Due to that incident, I become more 
proactive in my health. I learned about the pump, and pushed for it. Finally 
 starting this past spring. My control has gone from ok/so so and on target 25%
of the
time, to 70 % of the time. 
The problem was, even for me, working at that time full time, with a second 
part time job as well as full time college, there wasn't much time left for 
 research or even just keeping up with new info and advances. It took me losing
job, and then having time, to learn as much as I have about ME and my health 
this past year. Although it has been stressful for obvious financial reasons, 
I can't say the time has been all that wasted. Again, I have learned an 
incredible amount, and a large portion of it has come from IP! 
For the holiday season, let me say that I want to wish everyone, whatever 
 their beliefs, the best of times to come, including making the time for family,
friends and especially our health. 
Tina H.
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