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Re: [IP] What about Mammograms?

I have worn my pump through MANY dental x-rays over the past year, and a
couple of hand x-rays.  I'm always wearing a lead apron so the pump is
protected.  I also work in a vet's office and assist with taking x-rays,
again always wearing a lead apron.  I've never had a problem with my pump as
a result of doing this.  I think as long as it's under the lead apron, it's
safe - I would not wear it outside of the apron.  As always though, you have
to do what's comfortable for you.

dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02 clear Paradigm

> >The only time that I have had to remove my pump was when I had an MRI
> >
> >I have had several mammograms and xrays done and not removed my pump.
> >
> >Kathy Bruckmeyer
> The only x-ray's I don't remove my pump for are at the dentist.  But they
> just bury me under 2 of those shields just to be on the safe side.  I
> remove my pump for mamograms and MRIs.  It's just a little thing to remove
> it, why take the risk?
> RoseLea
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