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[IP] IP Handout & Insulin Pump Comparison Chart

Pumpers and Friends,
    There is copy of IP handout. Well, I'm glad the everyone wants a copy of
IP Handout ... please DO NOT
MAKE any changes to the Word file but to add your name to the bottom of the
handout... or just remove the last line. Because of the demand for the file
.... Brian, has posted the file on his site just click on the link and you
will get both the Word and PDF files.


Jim and other... sorry I have not send you a copy, please remember I have a
life away from IP, this is one of the reason I asked Brian to put up the
link for the IP Handout.    http://www.diabetesbytes.com/iphandouts.zip and
once I can get home from the hopsital I will send you and everyone that has
asked for a copy... also Michael has asked me if I would write up a chart
for IP.

> ok, for those others of you who are having trouble getting or printing,
> Rodney's pump comparison, there's a pump comparison chart in nice
> easy-to-read-and-print format at the

And Because there are new pumps come out this month and next I will have to
rework my chart... I will NOT put up anything I can not back up with pump
manuals and has not been check by the Pump Maker.  Since this does take
time... it will take me a few day to get it done... unless someone would
like to pay me to drop everything and pay for my doctor to stay with me so I
can get the Chart DONE and not kill myself. And I only list pumps sold in
the USA at this time.

> I've gotten nowhere trying to obtain or print the chart Rodney created,
and it
> does appear that the information in the link above has all the available
> information that Rodney also gathered in a comparative tabular format.
> Jim Boyle

I will most likely get a note for this e-mail from the Admins, but EVERYONE
NEED TO REMEMBER.... All of the work done is done by PEOPLE who are NOT
PAID.... Who have lives OUTSIDE of IP. I hope that someday someone or some
company will give IP the money it need to do the work that it does, and
could when paid the people who do the work of running the webpage... admins
of the e-mail list.... the chat hosts.

                                             REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY


ps:well I need to call the nurse as my IV is out... and my blood sugar is
dropping  95 and I get my food from the IV
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