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[IP] Paradigm 512 vs. 712

I just got my "amazing offer" in the mail for the Paradigm upgrade for the 512
for $300.  It's a low enough price that I thought I would take a closer look
at the new 512.  I've been reading about the new Paradigms, but haven't kept
up with the new features.  It seems that compared to the 511, the 512 offers
that Bolus Wizard, the remote meter, and the lower basal rate delivery,
customized alarms.  The 712 is the model which allows you to install a less
than perfect battery and I know it has some other neat options, but I can't
remember which one has which.

The MiniMed website makes it so hard to find info on the specific models.  I
clicked around for 10 minutes before I finally found the 712!  Sorry to be so
dense, but can anyone give me a quick update on the 712 vs. the 512?  I think
I want all the goodies on the 712, but for the 512 price!

Thanks!  Yessi Palmer
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