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RE[IP] when to change out a site for high BGs

>When I started pumping, I was taught a rule of thumb on this issue that was
>very helpful.  I was told that

Barbara... i aggre with everything you stated, and, as a matter of fact, 
pretty much what mark had stated....
i have only one small issue with it...

Im fairly sure, that most folks, have experienced a rise in bs, upon 
changing sites... sort of like
"waiting for that NEW site to get things going (or Flowing)"...
so, if it was due to a miscalculation, and i change, now, ive added a yet 
NEW situation.....

i sort have tossed most of that "rule of thumb thing" (beside, whoever put 
a site, in their thumb, anyway),
and gone more with conjecture. did i just eat something strange ?
could there be some explainable reason? of course, should all those fail, o 
DO change it, but not by simple formula, of say 2 test, with no great 
drop.... remember, NOT raising, could be seen, as a drop....

many times... i have to correct 3 times, over 3 hours, to end up at 120, 5 
hours later....
hard to belive.. could i have miscalculated that bad ??
i dont know, if its just me, but, sometimes, humalog seems to work like this:
i need 10 units... BUT, for some unexplainable reason, my body is only 
capable of absorbing 5 units per hour....
so, again, what may appear as a bad site, is WAY more, some delay in the 
insulins action. Two hours later.. that 10 units, seems to act, more like 
it was 7....., so, 3 hours later (+/-), i need another 3 units.

Now... was that confusing enough ????????

this is a definitely YMMV issue.... what i stated, is what i do, and should 
not be considered advice of a professional, more like merely some 
experiences of an amateur..
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