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[IP] when to change out a site for high BGs

When I started pumping, I was taught a rule of thumb on this issue that was
very helpful.  I was told that if my BG is unexpectedly high, test for
ketones.  If ketones are present change out the site because I am not getting
enough insulin.  If ketones aren't present, I likely underbolused for  food I
didn't know how to "count" properly.  But there is not a basal problem.

This works almost all the time for me.  There have been a few occasions when
I've been high, without ketones, but not able to bring down my BG with
boluses.  I have then changed out.  I assume that's been an absorbtion problem
not as extreme as other times.  Some of those times I've found blood on the
cannula although I couldn't see anything till I removed it.

Barbara Ziegler
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