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[IP] Listening with an open mind

 what is more ignorant.... telling someone who may be overweight, "they may
need", or "they should" loose some weight, or telling a diabetic (type 1,
insulin dependent, etc, etc), to "stop having diabetes" ??
AFAIC, there is little comparison....

 Actually, there is a lot to be gained from a respectful dialogue about and
between people who are overweight and/or those who are diabetic. At 19, I was a
mere slip of a girl (98 lbs) diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome which we
now know correlates with a pre-diabetic condition that almost always leads to
full blown diabetes.....IN WOMEN. My only successful pregnancy in my
mid-thirties was bittersweet. I had the child I always wanted but from that
point forward, I had diabetes, and the longer I had it the more weight I gained.

 Following adoption of the pump last February, I gained yet another 15 poinds.
Over the years, each additional pound increases my insulin-resistance, which in
turn requires more insulin, which in turn lays down more fat desposits, which
leads to more insulin resistance, etc. etc. etc. Ideally, I would be neither
overweight, nor a diabetic. Since I'm both, I try to keep an open mind to
messages posted to this list that share success stories...be they the result of
12-stepping with Overeaters Anonmymous or from the trial and error experiences
of longtime diabetics.

 BTW, "thank you" to the person who wrote to this list about her/his experience
with weight loss success after joining OA. My father was a "string bean thin"
Type 1 diabetic who died at 56 from the complications of alcoholism, diabetes
and heart problems. His mother, died in her early 50's from the double health
whammy of diabetes and obesity. Given what we know now about diseases like
diabetes and the various forms of addiction along with how women and men react
to pathology and its' treatments, why not remain open to what can be learned
from a respectful dialogue between the two "disease" communities?

Jp Brennan 
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