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[IP] Site change, once a month enough?

 This is not what I get out of it at all. Not knowing the original post, I can
only assume that he has only had to change his site twice, because of BG not
coming down? It would not be possible to leave a site in for a month! Anything
left in the skin that long, will lead to infection, scar tissue build up, the
site would heal itself in to your skin, making it painful to remove!

who changes site every other day whether it needs it or not!

here is what Minimed told me.  Anytime you change your infusion

set, if you Bolus two times and your BG fails to come down, you need to change
your infusion set.  I know that they are expensive but I have followed their
lead on this and in the last two month, I have had  to change infusion set


Are you saying that during the last two months you have left an infusion set
in for a month at a time?

Wow!  Maybe I'm missing something in the translation because I'm very
surprised that any pump company, including MiniMed, would make such a

Does anyone else out there share my opinion?

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