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RE [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #690

 >>Many of us do.    Telling a compulsive
 >> overeater like me to lose weight, is like telling you to stop having 

not to make light, of you post.. but Pleaseeeeeeeeee ???
just tell me what 12 step, or 24 step, or 48 step program, i can join,
so as to "stop having diabetes".....

i am quite aware, of the difficulty, the addiction, and i DO understand, 
the "sensitivity issues", However.... at some point, there just plain IS a 
difference, and a "crossing of the line" (IMO)...

 >> I know it sounds like a simple thing to a normal person.
 >> We are not normal and never will be.

Normal ?? injecting or pumping  insulin  IS "Normal" ????

what is more ignorant.... telling someone who may be overweight, "they may 
need", or "they should" loose some weight,
or telling a diabetic (type 1, insulin dependent, etc, etc), to "stop 
having diabetes" ??
AFAIC, there is little comparison....
(sorry for the rant)
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