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Re: [IP] Pumping At The Water Park


I live in St. Louis and was really speaking of going to the waterparks here 
when it is almost 100 degrees in the shade.  On those days I change everything 
because I am concerned about the stability of the insulin in the extreme heat. 
 At Wisconsin Dells I did not change out the insulin and tubing, just the 

I have a weird tape allergy.  I only use either the Sillouhettes or the 
 Quicksets because of the hypofix tape. I still have to be careful. When the
(the tape) is wet for an extended period of time, within a day if I do not 
change the site, my skin will develop a blister.  When I do finally change the 
site, when I pull off the tape, a layer of skin comes too, and the blister 
breaks.  They itch, hurt, and most often I get a scar.

That is why I change out most of the set, etc.  I have also been to Hershey 
Pennsylvania's park, a New Jersey beach, Florida beaches, and a beach near 
Boston.  Depends on the temperature, but I always change out the site.

Sorry for the miscommunication.

Of course, YMMV, this is only me.  After pumping 20 years I have only had one 
infection that needed oral antibiotics.  

Cee Dee
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