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[IP] RE: Insulin @ 69.00?

Wow someone at Walmart in Reno sure missed the boat on the 69.95 price,
they charge me 78.95 for each bottle, so my insurance will only allow 3
bottles per month instead of the 4 I actually need.

As far as buying from Canada, that would be great if 2 things were
possible, (1) the Canadian pharmacy would honor my insurance and the
insurance would deal with Canadian pharmacies (2) the Canadian pharmacies
would carry & ship my insulin (which they claim they don't/won't) as well
as the rest of my monthly perscriptions (of the 7 things I get each month
they only carry 1)



>I actually have Wal-Mart insurance and you have to use a Wal-Mart/Sam's
>pharmacy.  Sam's sells their insulin right at cost. I have seen the
sheet on >it.  They used to sell their test strips just below their cost
to get folks >to come in.  Interesting marketing idea. Like their milk
they have no markup >on it at all, and most often it's sold at a loss. >
>Anyhow, if I was paying out right for my insulin I would buy it from
that >location.  But as it stands I pay 20% for my 4 bottles a month,
pricey. > >Thanks anyhow, some one else here might need to know that. >
>Christene > > >Buy your insulin in Canada.  I just bought 6 vials at
humolog for $149 >Canadian at my local Costco pharmacy.  Then, you can
afford to ditch the odd >bottle.


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