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[IP] For Kelly Dubose

Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 15:51:41 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] new pumper question please

my daughter dxd 4 mo.pumping 3weeks, is having her site changed every 2 days
as reccomended. is that really nes? could we try 3 days?
Hi!  My husband has gone 4 da lots of time before he is changed out!  He has 
also had times when a set has failed at 2.5.  Today we were over 4 da and 
the site was working beautifully the whole time.

also arent you
supposed to wait 3hrs after a meal to correct a high b/s? my daughter will
herself one at school after only 2 hrs.


You can correct after 2 hrs!  I usually wait about 2 hrs 20 m., before I 
decide to make a correction.
A lot of times, my husband will be perfect at 2 hr and then, be high at 3.5. 
  That I don't understand.

and it there a sug. about her really
at 2am, Im only supposed to correct if over 200 at 2am, but would you do it
at 150-200?

I correct everything.  I aim for 8 or 8X18 144 at night!

she has a sign. dawn phen. she'll go to bed at 90-110 and wake up by
7am and be 250-300. shes a month shy of 12. shes on 1.20 basal an hour 1-8
ratio. 130 pds. her rate is already set higher at 12-6 am as it is
mom of Shelby the wonder girl :))

You can set the basal up higher for the dawn phenomenon!

Maybe, you better talk to your CDE or endo about all this.  Pumping Insulin 
is the bible for pumpers.  Have you read it?

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