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[IP] Re: saline solution?

When I started pumping (>5 years ago), I also balked at using saline.  
We compromised, and I grudgingly started to use it for 2 days, rather 
than the week the trainer had wanted. That first night, the pump 
(having worked fine for well over 12 hours) woke me up with the first 
of several alarms (I forget the code -- don't use that pump anymore), 
and I ended up spending at least a couple middle-of-the-night hours on 
the phone with Minimed service people, going through all the 
possibilities -- changing the site, changing the reservoir, doing the 
lead screw test, etc.  Eventually, the pump alarmed while I was on the 
phone with MM, while disconnected and following their direction for one 
of these procedures -- and it was determined that the pump should be 

I was very glad I had been on saline when I went through this.  I got 
the experience of wearing the pump, and a lot of experience with 
dealing with problems, without having to worry about how much insulin I 
was getting.  When I started insulin the following day, I did have a 
problem with the first site getting dislodged (my trainer had wanted me 
to use an area above my waist that my ribs hit when I sit), so I had 
enough variables to consider in assessing why my blood sugar went so 
high, I didn't need the variable of that faulty pump.  And I now 
already had some expertise <gr.>.  YMMV

Linda Z
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