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[IP] back sites and hot tubs

I'm replying via digest, so I'll address 2 issues in one email...

    I tried the back issue, it hurt like the dickens! I used the short
canula, and took it out quickly. Lucky for me, Michael directed me to the
FAQ's and they are wonderful!! They even show that I can put the site in my
arms!  Thanks for the information.

Next Kristen,
    My experience with hot tubs is that the tape does not stay put very
well, but even if it does, the hot water affects the insulin in the tubing
(of the quick-release type) and I have to bolus more to get rid of it, as it
is no longer good. Apparently Humalog does not do well with heat. I like to
time my hot baths or hot tub moments with when I have to change my pump out.
Double-taping or "sandwiching" does help keep the tape in place, though.
    Oh, one more thing, I have found that I need to carry my insulin in the
carry-on bag, not in my luggage below. This was with the NPH that I used
before, and with the Regular. I'm supposing that it's something to do with
the change in altitude? Just my two cents worth.

Beijing, China

> Dear Mark,
>      It's easier than you may think! As long as you are familiar with your
> routine, you just feel your way through it.  If you can reach your arms
> around to your lower back, you've got it made.
>      I used this area for several years with the quick sets,  Then once
it's over - wa-LA! The more you use your back, the
> easier it gets!
>      Remember WE ARE BRAVE PEOPLE! We can endour trying all kinds of new
> things especially when it helps our control and/or comfort.
> With Care, Kathleen

> Hello all,
>     I have a question. ....  I am going to start using sils
> this weekend and in a few weeks and am going on vacation (with lots of hot
> tubs and skiing) and I want to get some tape so I don't have any problems
> with lose sets.  I use quick sets right now but have to be careful where I
> put them (little body fat).  I am hoping these work for me- if anyone has
> any tips, I would really appreciate some!!!  Thank you!
> Happy holidays,
> Kristen , diagnosed 5/03, pumping MM 512 since 10/16/03
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