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RE: [IP] Saline, first?

I was dx'd in 1989, and did the shot thang up till this past April. I got
the pump, made the app't with the cde. In a prior visit, she mentioned 
Starting with saline. At that time is said nothing.

I went to my appointment and told her to start with insulin, we'll skip the
Saline part. 

Personally I don't see any value in doing the saline, just do it.


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>Does everyone have to begin pumping with the trial saline solution ?

THAT, i can answer it TWO words
NO #&^$&# WAY
(ok.. that was three)

my pump arrived on thursday....
i was a good boy, and did not use it until my appointment, with my cde (who 
is also a trainer), on tuesday.

Saline ????? PLEA-ESE....... "Homey Dont Play Saline" !!!

i waited 46 years, to feel as cured, as i was ever going to feel, and as as 
cured as i ever needed to feel....
i was Not waiting another seconds, and i didnt...
i walked in having had my last injection, of many more thousand, then i 
care to imagine,
(YOU gona' argue with that number ??), 18 hours prior,

and walked out pumping insulin.....

>getting a minimed nurse to "train" me. Now she says I need to
>do the saline first . I have had
>the pump a month now and I am ready to go.

"Why am i not surprised ?"

IMO... You Are the customer..  She is majorly full of it.... assimin' you 
feel the same,
you tell her "I want insulin in there TOMORROW, or im caling MM, and 
discussing the issue, with your manager"

I dont Care, if im wrong.... why should someone be forced to wait... and 
month ??
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