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[IP] Re: problem with sets coming loose

<But what I hate most of all is that I work out 
morning, test 7+ times a day, watch my diet and then the cannula comes 
and I end up with super high readings that I can't avoid!! It's so

 What kind of infusion sets and tape are you using, and where are your sites? It
sounds like your problem lies with one or more of those things. There are
different things like IV prep that you can put on your skin first, to help the
set stick better. On top of that you can put tape like the OP 3000, and then
insert the set on top of that. In addition to those steps, some people put that
or other tapes on top of the set too. Maybe you need a shallower or deeper set
if you're using a90 degree set like the Quickset or Sofset, or maybe switch to
the Silhouette. If you're using the Sils, maybe you need to try the straight in
kind. Also, it could be the part of your body you're putting it in. If it's
somewhere that gets a lot of motion and jiggling around, you might consider
another location. Since the problem only happens when you exercise, it does seem
like it's related to the motion, so again, you need either a different site,
different style of set, or more tape/adhesive prep.!
 pumping 10 years
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