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[IP] Free Paradigm Upgrade

Thank you to whomever posted about getting an offer from Minimed for a 
free or $99 upgrade to the 512 (depending on whether you got the BD 
meter or not). I had also complained about the waterproof issue and got a 
free sports guard several months ago, but had not received a letter or 
phone call offering me the free 512 upgrade. So, after reading about 
your offer the other day, I called Minimed today and left a message for 
the supervisor I had talked to a few months ago about the sports guard. 
My message said that I was still unhappy about the waterproof issue and 
would like a free 512 upgrade to help placate me. Tonight someone from 
their special customer relations team called me to hear my concerns 
about the waterproof matter and fill me in on the latest on that. He then 
made me the same 512 upgrade offer. So, before anyone spends money on 
the upgrade, it might be worth calling and elevating it until you get 
someone to make you the same offer (or just outright ask for it). I don't
know if they'll do it for just anyone, or for only those like me who 
had complained about the waterproof matter originally, but it's 
certainly worth a try. My new pump should be here by Monday. I elected to pay 
the $99 and get the meter too, since I'm already using the regular BD 
Logic. Meanwhile, I asked what they're doing to solve the waterproof 
problem. He said that they're close to a solution (probably a new type of 
plastic casing), but still need FDA approval. He's hopeful they'll get 
it early next year. He said they would offer the new waterproof pump to 
all current Paradigm users. I asked if it would be at no cost. He said 
he couldn't say, as that is up to the marketing people, but he was sure 
it would be a "fair and equitable" offer.  Pam
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