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Re: [IP] Re: Pump Test; Warranty

can't set out a pump let it run and see if it looks the same.  Some water
would evaporate, and how would you precisely be able to measure unless you
had it sealed into a syringe or something giving a factor -+2% or what ever
the amount.

The warranty is for the pump only to the person who bought it. If it's older
than 4 hears you can get an extension on the warranty and they will test it
out for you and return it. For a fee though if it is with in the warranty, I
was last told MM would charge $50 to transfer warranty from one user to the

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From: "Sheldon E. Miller" <email @ redacted>

I am in the process of obtaining a pump.  It will have been used.  Before
I rely on it, even as a backup to my regular pump, I want to give it a
test.  I am thinking of filling a cartridge with water, and then setting
it to the same setting as on my regular pump, adding boluses to equal
those I use on the regular pump, and seeing if it seems to put out the
water at the same rate as I use the insulin in my regular pump.  Does
anyone have any thoughts about how else to test it?
Secondly, does anyone know if the warranty MiniMed gives on their pumps
is personal to the buyer, or goes with the pump?  I could not find the
warranty in the 508 booklet.
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