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[IP] My procedure/different sites

     Fear not! Be brave! ~ It's not difficult to get these soft-sets or
quick-sets into your back! Really! If know I can do this (and I did), I know
you can too! Regardless of where you put your site this is what I do. Hope
this helps!

Here's my procedure for putting in my sites:

1.  As always, wash your hands well.
2.  I always swab the area well with skin prep. I use the wrapper from the
     or IV-3000 and fan the area dry. (Skin prep is different than IV prep. It
gives much
     better hold.)
3.  As soon as I felt it was dry I would apply a piece of Tegaderm.
4.  I always use a sof-serter (or Sil-serter for the Silhouette sets) and
that's what makes
     getting the site into place without seeing it (if using your back). Place
the serter
     approximately in the center of your tape (which helps to hold it in
place) or exactly
     where you want it and pop it in place.
5.  Release the infusion set from the inserter and hold your site in place
with a finger.
6.  Pull off the remaining tapes from the infusion set and apply any tape that
you use
     on top.
7.  I would always put another tape over the top for two reasons:
  1.. The second tape helps the site stay in place, especially when placed in
the   opposite direction. One this way: - and the other goes: |.  (For
Silhouette sets, I fold the second tape in half and cut a slice out of the
center about the size of 1/2 an almond. This allows me to put the second tape
over the top of the site and still allows me to detach.)
  2.. Especially for the soft-set, a second tape seals off the top of the
infusion set where the introducer needle leaves an opening right into your
skin. Closing this opening up keeps germs and bacteria out.
8.  After filling your reservoir, prime your pump to make sure that the
insulin will dispense
     immediately. It generally takes three to four units to engage the driver
gears to
     push the plunger. Priming your pump will make a huge difference to your
blood sugars.
9.  Attach your tubing to your site while holding your pump ABOVE your head
     anywhere above your site. If this sounds silly to you, that's ok. This
makes such
     an amazing difference that I always prime above my head. Gravity will
enable the
     insulin to be RIGHT THERE for you after priming.
10. Prime your site while holding your pump above your head or in a place
where gravity
     will again do it's thing.
11. Then I take what ever amount I need to stabilize my blood sugar level.
12. Take a deep breath and BELIEVE that you are AWESOME!

      I've been pumping for over eight years and insulin dependent for 38
years. The is my procedure regardless of where I put my site. My skin is very
sensitive and the skin prep and dual tape really help.

With Care, Kathleen Rose
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