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[IP] Medical Directors

I just had some fun in reguards to a medical director of the state's 
insurance plan (medicaide) for I had some not so good feelings.
I got his name (I called a number, and this guy was the lady's boss that 
answered.. her boss is a phsyician,) I had FUN...... :)
Turns out that he is LIMITED to practicing UNPAID volenteer work.. but 
giving medical advise to his workers to tell people and getting paid for it 
is NOT unpaid.......
Just thought that you would like to know what this diabetic has been up to 
Oh when that person HUNG up on me.. I was pissed........ but not no more.. 
pay backs are a bleach now aren't they.... medical examiners board, 28 news 
stations, 170 newspapers, district attorneys office was all notified........ 
hehe... and now I go National with the information... for when doctors are 
limited in their capibilities by the medical board, and they violate it, it 
basically gives that person and the company or corperation or goverment a 
bad name. and it hurts all in the state, encluding the other doctors that 
are not involved...
I know that this was off the topic of diabetes. but this dude was Family 
Practice, and "knew" all that you could know about diabetes and the 
treatment......... haha yeah right....like pumps do not prevent extream 
lows, pumps don't prevent extream highs.. bla bla bla..

R. Leppanen

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