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[IP] Ignorant Disetronic Tech Support Staffer

It took 5 years....but Disetronic really ticked me off today.

 I called wrt my D-tronPlus pump. For the 3rd time in a year now, the tactile
guide buttons on the pump have fallen off. Technically only 1 did, the other one
looks like it has a week or so to go.. These things are just glued down on the
pump, and this glue just dries up and these things fall off. The net effect
results in the pump being unuseable unless directly in front of your face since
without them the D-tronplus has a completely flat surface.

 The 1st time it happened, tech support was VERY apologetic before shipping out
a replacement pump. The 2nd time it happened, the person i spoke to was
downright embarrassed, and sent me free of charge a nice belt case to use.

Today though....was a different animal.

 The young lady thought she was going to lecture me, "As you've been told
before, those buttons, other than for nighttime use, are only there for cosmetic

 I interrupted her. I just about lost my temper with that opening statement.
Certainly, no one at Disetronic, be it my Rep or tech support told me that they
were there for cosmetic purposes", and Disetronic advertising which touted them
as an improvement over the original D-Tron, , doesn't (or should I say, didn't)
say that either. I asked her if these "cosmetic" buttons were expected to fall
off after every ~3 months of usage to which she shut up and said that she would
send me a replacement pump.

 My goodness.....I was originally planning on asking during my call whether any
new information was available wrt their new pump (partly because I was sick of
dealing with these buttons). With the ignorance this person displayed, you'd
think they couldn't keep their pumps off the shelf instead of being blacklisted
out of the US market entirely; either that or they started hiring Minimed phone
reps lately.

 Heck I buy all of my supplies from them.....maybe they don't need that business
to hold them over until their new pump is available for sale.

 PS - Apparently I was interrupting her because she was busy eating chips or
crackers during the call.
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