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[IP] Reply to the Rant!

I'm surprised that the people  who put those ads on American television with 
B.B. King don't say anything about insulin pumps!  They could make a bundle 
with the increase in revenue from the sales of sticks to pump users!

This doctor did mention multiple injection therapy!  That's a start!  What 
about the people who are put on 3 shots a da. or even one a day and are 
still on that programme until the day they go on the pump?  My husband was 
on 2 shots a day until he went on the pump!

I think diabetics are going to have to become a little less secretive about 
their activities, especially those of us who can carb count and run a pump!  
Why not wear those buttons that say, "I'm a insulin-dependent diabetic and 
haven't had a shot in 6 mo, 5 years or whatever.  Ask me how!"?

What's wrong with hearing an alarm?  Neither my husband nor I can hear an 
alarm on the pump.  Mini-med might think of customizing its pump a bit more 
so that those with high-frequency hearing loss can actually hear an alarm.  
Saying those who can't hear or can't see shouldn't use the pump really 
doesn't cut it with me!  Surely the [pump companies could add more volulme 
or a lower frequency to the beep so that those with hearing loss can hear an 
alarm.  Is a voice synthesizer in the works so that those with visual 
impairment can hear the pump?

In any case, this lady with the young child found you so that she now 
understands that she has options.  Let's face it!  A lot of doctors probably 
can't even type so how much would they know about computers.  .   . On the 
other hand, the diabetic endos seem to know about math so maybe, they are 
computer nerds just waiting to be born!  If their offices are in hospitals, 
they must be getting familiar with computerized records, aren't they?

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