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RE: [IP] just a random rant

MY endo said, "I think you can control it with shots just as well"  I just
laughed and asked him to write the script and paperwork for the pump.
No problem. I think it might be an insurance thing. 


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I ran into a woman at school whose son is 11 years old and was just
w/diabetes. The dr. suggested her son go on 5 or 6 shots a day. He settled
3 of R and Nph. Has that dr. never heard of an insulin pump?

When a dr. says 5 or 6 shots a day, who says yes. But more importantly how
many of us stand up say no, and find better alternatives. Dr., Dr.(s) can
give us some help and learn that one of the best and most effective ways to
treat insulin dependant diabetics is with an insulin pump, regardless of
whether you as a dr. know how to use one or not.

When I was told to go on 5 or 6 shots a day, i said dr. "what's the
why not 10 or 11shots a day . I mean really I have no life outside of your
office; when he said it again on another visit I said, Dr. have you ever
to a football game' he said sure. I said well it takes me an hour and 1/2 to
get there and an hour to park and tailgate; 3 hours for the game and another
hour and half to get home.Wouldn't I miss alot of the game and the
taking shots? By your calculations dr. how many visits to the porta- potty
would that be to take my shots? Please keep in mind Dr. that one visit is
much for me.

I went out and got a real dr., but I got mad which made me much more
pro -active about my care. I had a good dr. but told her i want to go on a
pump and I won't take no for answer. I think too often we put too much faith
in dr.s hands, when it's us who have to carry thru on the treatment.

This mom will be looking into pumps for her son because I showed her mine.
Come on dr.s get in the game, instead of prescribing several shots a day get
pumping. By the way how much did that dr. charge for his 5 or 6 shot a day
school advice? I didn't charge the mom a thing.

Please remember i am not a dr. nor do i play one , here. But I do like to
now and again. ymmv
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