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[IP] Re: different infusion sites

 Tracy, I've had great results using the sides of my hips (love handles). I also
recently started going higher up on my sides on my actual waist. I have no fat
there at all, but have been sucessful using the short quicksets there. Just for
variety, sometimes I use my upper ab (above the navel under the ribs) with the
silhouette set since I'm even leaner there. My numbers are fine there, but I
hate putting in the sils. It really hurts and usually draws blood. I think the
pain and difficulty of piercing the skin there is due to lack of fat. If I put
Sils in somewhere where I have more fat they don't hurt, but I prefer the
quicksets in those other spots. Anyway, I hope you're able to find more sites.
By the way, my endo said never to use arms or thighs if possible because
absorption is very erratic in those spots. Also, you're supposed to stay two
inches away from the midline of your body (an imaginary vertical line down your
center through your navel). Pam, dx'd 1989, happily!
 with Minimed for 10 years

<I have a question, not concerning pumps but insertion sites. Where 
everyone insert? I am using my thighs, my abdomen (below my navel) and 
back of my hip and butt. But they're all getting "tired" does anyone 
any alternatives?>
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